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Woven Basket that’s actually made of nothing more than old recycled newspapers !

Things like newspapers were millions are tossed in the trash every day. By using this wonderfully simple technique you’ll soon be able to transform those old newspapers into the most wonderfully creative craft projects which could bring wonderful new convenience and decorative touches to your home!


1. You need to cut long strips of newspaper. Fold the newspaper horizontally in half and then half again. This will give you a long tube.

2. Tuck under the corner edge and then roll with your fingers. There are various methods of rolling the paper tubes, and after a couple of paper tubes you will work out which one works best for you. I start off rolling with my fingers and then carefully lift the tube, holding the end of the skewer in my right hand and rolling the paper around with my left. You will notice once you have made a few tubes that one end is ever so slightly narrower than the other.

3. After rolling, I have divided them in equal proportion and them color them differently. I used red and green color for my basket, you can use according to your preference and taste. Two different color make pattern of weaving more interesting and cool.

4. To start weaving, join two tubes together and bend in half. The process is one tube in front – one tube behind and twist around every single upright. Give this a try and you will understand what I mean. As you weave and twist, make sure to pull the uprights up and keep the tubes nice and tight.

5. As you reach the end of a tube, take a new tube and insert the narrower end into the end of the tube you are using. Give it a twist so that it fits nice and snug inside.

6. This being my first attempt at any kind of weaving, I wasn’t sure how to finish off the top row and ended up just cutting off the strips. Only afterwards (10 minutes later) I discovered that you are supposed to bend them over and push them down through the weave on the inside.

My completed newspaper weave flower basket.

Not perfect, but not bad for a first attempt.

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